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Approaches to Inequalities 2017

Approaches to Inequalities 2017


Whose Business is it? Wednesday 20 September 2017 – a one day conference.

The Approaches to Inequalities conference is back for its third year! The topic for the 2017 conference was chosen in Autumn 2016. Although we didn’t know that Trump would be elected president, we were post-Brexit and witnessing the rise of populism and the far-right. The Human Rights Act was under attack and the #BlackLivesMatter movement was actively protesting in the UK as well as in the US.  Against this backdrop we were determined to host a conference that offered solutions, inspired with its optimism and was positive about human rights and therefore chose the focus of ‘whose business is it?

The ‘whose’ is important because it is imbued with ideas of responsibility, allowing contributors to explore human rights at a structural, institutional, local or individual level.  It’s not about dismissing issues of equality, diversity and inclusion but about taking ownership of them.

The word ‘business’ was chosen because of its many and varied meanings and we hoped contributors would be playful with it, some even problematizing the term.  In its most restrictive sense it can literally mean equality within a business setting or exploring the business case for inclusion, and we would welcome contributions with this focus.  For those potential contributors in the academy, struggling with the marketisation of Further and Higher Education ‘business’ may have a different meaning, and we hope to explore this.  Finally, in its broadest sense it can simply mean whether something is relevant to you – “it’s none of your business” – and we would welcome contributions that explore how we ensure equality is a mainstream issue and not the concern of impacted minorities.


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